Cerebrum Virtual Yerevan: Virtual Events VS Online Events

Cerebrum is a new mega virtual project by Fastexverse. Events in Cerebrum have grown in diversity, audience and geography, uniting the world around an engaging, brilliant and interactive environment. Virtual events are already increasingly popular in the world but are a relatively new concept for Armenia. 


Potential visitors of Cerebrum often ask us - what is the difference between an online and a virtual event?


Let’s make it clear. Virtual events are held in simulated, immersive environments, using a virtual platform, 3D and artificial intelligence technologies, while online events are simply the streamings or the recordings of actual events using web-based platforms - specific means of communication.


Let us also tell you about what you can do in Cerebrum. Here you can customize your avatar and show off your unique style. Using your avatar, you can communicate with others and make new friends, you can participate in discussions, contests, games and networking opportunities, you can enjoy virtual tours and much more. 


Cerebrum Virtual Yerevan is a special project designed by Fastexverse that recreates Yerevan’s vibes and city culture. Here you can also participate in various events, such as concerts, exhibitions, workshops, etc.  


Each event in Cerebrum is unique. Join Cerebrum and enjoy the comfort of taking part in the brightest and the boldest virtual events from whenever and wherever you want.