Frequently Asked questions

Here you can find instant answers to the most common questions. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us.

How can I access metaverse and do I need special equipment?

Accessing Fastexverse is really easy. Just register on the website using one of the signup methods, create an avatar, and enjoy the experience. You can also do the same thing by downloading the app on your smartphone. No special equipment such as VR headset is required.

Can I customize my metaverse space?

You can add your own items, but let the customization to us. You drive your business, we will implement everything else in digital world.

What are the benefits of the metaverse?

Basically, here you can buy and sell NFTs, create art galleries, create educational halls, showcase and sell products.

How many people can be in Metaverse at the same time?

At the moment 90-100. The technology is improving fast - so stay tuned.

What is Cerebrum Virtual Yerevan?

"Cerebrum Virtual Yerevan" is an interactive, dynamic platform where businesses can develop and directly communicate with the new generation of consumers. On this platform, one can buy, customize, and utilize virtual spaces and marketplaces, making the buying and selling process smoother and manage businesses directly from a 3D environment.

What value can this project create for my business?

It will help to advance your advertising and marketing efforts, it will improve the communication between you and your customers, it will help you to expand your audience regardless of their geographical location.

How can individuals benefit from this project?

Through “Cerebrum Virtual Yerevan” individuals can easily interact with the representatives of their preferred brands virtually, make purchases, and get answers to their questions.

Can I buy a space that belongs to another company?

Within the specified deadline mentioned in our social media channels, only the owners of the physical premises are able to own the spaces. After the given period the vacant spaces will be available for public sale.

Can I get my virtual space with the same design as in real life?

Virtual spaces offered are the virtual reproductions of your physical offices/stores, so they can have the same design.

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