3D Cinema: “Iron woman” by Dana Itani Premiered in Fastexverse Metaverse

In a groundbreaking move for the entertainment industry, the highly anticipated sports documentary "The Iron Woman" is set to make its world premiere in the Fastexverse metaverse.


Fastexverse, a popular metaverse platform that allows users to create and explore virtual worlds, has partnered with the film's production company to bring the movie to audiences in a whole new way.


"The Iron Woman," directed and produced by filmmaker Dana Itani,  follows the story of Hana Al Nabulsi, an Emirati triathlete, breaking all triathlon records in the UAE. 

With its strong themes of women empowerment, "The Iron Woman '' is already generating buzz among moviegoers and critics alike. And now, with its debut in the Fastexverse metaverse, the film is poised to make an even bigger impact.


The decision to premiere the movie in the Fastexverse metaverse is part of a growing trend of entertainment companies exploring the potential of virtual reality and metaverse platforms. By leveraging the latest technology to create immersive and interactive experiences, they hope to engage audiences in new and exciting ways.


"We're thrilled to have 'The Iron Woman' premiering in the Fastexverse metaverse," said Fastexverse CEO Vahe Khachatryan. "This is a major step forward for our platform, and we can't wait to see what other groundbreaking experiences will emerge from the intersection of movie producers  and the metaverse."


"The Iron Woman '' is set to debut in the Fastexverse metaverse on March 1, 2023, with an exclusive screening and events planned in ftFNT store in Mall of Dubai too. With its powerful story and cutting-edge presentation, the movie is sure to make a big impact in the world of virtual entertainment.